Michener Centre for the Advancement of Simulation and Education (CASE)

With 20,000 square feet of simulation space, the CAE/Michener CASE is one the largest simulation-based learning centres in Canada and will serve our larger community as an innovative space where interprofessional, simulation-based learning and evaluation can occur. Our expertise in curriculum design and delivery makes our centre the perfect partner in your organization’s learning and education plans. Address complex team training or high-stakes assessment of clinical skills at CASE.



About Us

The collaboration between CAE Healthcare and The Michener Institute brings together two industry leaders with a single focus: to improve the delivery of patient care.

CAE: 60 years of experience in simulation-based pilot and crew training.
The Michener Institute: 50 years of excellence in health care education.

Simulation-based training in aviation has achieved a high level of utilization, standardization and regulation. The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences and CAE are collaborating to establish excellence in health care simulation-based education, training and assessment. This unique alliance leverages Michener’s innovative curriculum including simulation, interprofessional education and competency assessment, while employing CAE’s leading aviation processes and training expertise to enable functions that optimize healthcare simulation-based learning environments.

Contact Information

Our expertise in curriculum design and delivery make our centre the perfect partner in your organization’s learning and education plans. Please contact us to book CASE for your next simulation event!

Roseli Melo - CASE Customer Service Technician
(416) 596-3101 ext. 3172

Jordan Holmes - CASE Coordinator
(416) 596-3101 ext. 3391

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Suites

CASE features 24 OSCE suites for testing and assessment.


  • OSCE suites located on the 3rd floor, have front hallway access for candidates and rear hallway access for examiners
  • Several rooms offer built-in recording equipment configured to the CAE LearningSpace® recording and debriefing system, as well as portable equipment available for custom scenarios
  • Examiner corridors behind OSCE suites have one-way glass and control panels for viewing and monitoring
  • Suites are acoustically separated and have restricted access to ensure examination integrity
  • Fully customizable overhead announcement system
  • Separate rooms to accommodate standardized patients, examiners, candidates, administration and AV personnel
  • Multifunctional reception area

Flexible Simulation Studios

The 4th floor provides a variety of simulation facilities and environments to enable to education and assessment of health professions using collaborative patient-centered practice scenarios. They include:

  • Simulation studios: flexible spaces that can be set up to simulate patient room, triage unit, operating room, etc.
  • Fully integrated recording equipment configured to the CAE LearningSpace® recording and debriefing system
  • Staging studio: rooms with sliding partitions to double, triple or quadruple size and allow for multiple scenarios
  • Control rooms
    • Elevated and feature one-way glass for scenario monitoring
    • Two-way communication between control rooms and simulation rooms
    • Infrastructure available to control mannequins and AV recording
  • Debrief, multi-purpose and breakout rooms with:
    • Infrastructure to support viewing and debriefing previously recorded AV via CAE LearningSpace®
    • Projector, motorized screen, cameras

Meeting Spaces & Floor Plans




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